Of Course…

All Lives Matter.

No-one is discounting that fact. However, at the moment, Black lives are in jeopardy and have been for a long time. More specifically black men…Our Black men have been fighting this fight for a long time with the support of a few. It’s hard to understand why so many people are up in arms about supporting your fellow human beings who have been suffering at the hands of many. Society has stood by and watched black men be murdered, persecuted and feared for no other reason than the color of their skin.

This has to stop. It’s not ok…Recently, someone looked me in my eyes and told me she did not like groups of people because of what she has seen in the media…That is not ok. When do we start to care about people as individuals and not as a mass based on what we see on TV. When do we start to pay attention to what is going on around us and not simply focus on our little world…living in a little bubble.

It’s time to come together, stop fearing the unknown. Accept people for who they are and not what has been portrayed on television. And I’m not talking just about Black men, this holds true for Muslims, Hispanics and any other race or ethnicity that is different from you. We are all people who have been created equal. It’s time everyone started to act like it…So yes, All Lives Matter…But at the moment it’s time to focus on Black Lives…Our Black Men, they do matter!

“When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”  ~Afro Punk



Author: Carrie L. Devone

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10 thoughts on “Of Course…”

  1. Effective and straight to the point. Let’s add women to that too…maybe we aren’t burning them at the stake but we continue to treat them like second class citizens. Pay them what they are worth and give credit where credit is due. If not…..you might as well attack them to cause you are killing their spirit.


    1. Galen, no doubt. As a woman who has lived and worked in male dominated industries for much of my career…I get it! On sooo many levels. As women we are discredited, treated as sexual beings instead of thinking, capable and smart people who are effective and are more than qualified to get the job done. Not to mention if you look a certain way…you get mistreated, underpaid, humiliated and yes…slowly your spirit begins to die. But, we are strong and accustomed to figuring it out and making it work. No its not ok. And yes, equality is meant for all! So, I get it and I hear you. Thank you for your comment.


  2. I LOVE that you spoke the truth. At this time, we ALL need to work together with correcting the issue. I just wish everyone will open their eyes, hearts, and minds and realize we are ALL equal and should be treated and given similar opportunities. All Lives are important but at the moment Black Lives are being jeopardized due to skin color and judging a book by its cover.


  3. Martina, we are living in a very sad and challenging time. When cut, shot, scratched we all bleed red…no matter male, female, Black, White, Chinese…the list is endless. The violence, ignorance, hatred etc. needs to stop! It is heart breaking….Thank you for your comment.


  4. Very well said Carrie!! Unfortunately prejudice and hate still exist. The fear of The Black Man is still a threat to white folks. We are not seen as equal. They think they can patch things up and we should forget about not only the opression over the years, but whats going on now as well. I personally think the revolution just jumped off! “The revolution will not be televised”….


    1. Theo, it is unfortunate that some are ignorant to the varying differences and the nuances that all people have to offer society. I suppose for many it is easier to fear in lieu of learning and embracing. It then becomes our job to educate and enlighten ~ PEACEFULLY. Love not violence, understanding not hatred, patience not agitation. All of which can be a difficult feat for the knowing! Thank you for your comment!


      1. The current climate in our country is one that I’ve yet to witness in my 40+ years. So much hate and FEAR!!
        All lives matter and they need to matter to ALL! #Peace


      2. Danielle, I couldn’t agree with you more. We are living in unprecedented times and people who instill fear are a part of the problem. We need to work together to end the violence.


  5. Thank you for speaking your mind and truth Carrie. It’s so unfortunate that hate and prejudice still exists today and it’ll still be here tomorrow.


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