Tolerance & Acceptance

AA_Tattoo_HeartI was recently at a local grocery store and watched a mother struggling with her young son. He was having a straight up melt down in the 90+ degree weather. I sat back and watched several people walk by and gawk at her with contempt in their eyes and a sense of judgement.

It was clear to me, the young boy had a form of autism and was simply having a moment. And was in much need of a break as did his mom. So I approached her and asked if I could help. She accepted my offer and as I sat on the ground with him, more people walked by with a look of judgement. He eventually let me hold his hand as we walked into the store and picked up some grapes and a cupcake.

His mom was so gracious and thankful. She acknowledged how difficult it was and that her son was on the low end of the spectrum with autism. I was proud and thankful she accepted my assistance. But at the same time I was saddened by how many people walked by and looked as if they were simply disgusted.

As a society we have to become more acceptable of people and celebrate all of our differences.

“The first step towards change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”                                             ~ Nathaniel Branden



Author: Carrie L. Devone

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6 thoughts on “Tolerance & Acceptance”

  1. Great blog! It is so refreshing to remember that everyone has something going on with their lives and nobody should be judged for being different. It takes a special person to stop what they are doing and help people in need.


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