What Is Branding & Why It Is Important

For the most part, when people think of branding they do not necessarily understand the concept. Some have heard the term before and many think they know what it is but very few comprehend the true meaning and importance of branding. So we are going to explore what branding is and how it is important to you and your company.

Let me begin by imposing the KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetie) theory on you.

What is Branding?

  • Branding is DELIBERATE
  • Branding is DIRECT
  • Branding is EFFECTIVE
  • Branding is EMOTIONAL
  • Branding is POWERFUL
  • Branding is SIMPLE
  • Branding is YOU!

The primary goal of branding is to be memorable. You want people to think of your product, service or website first.

You want to be seen as the expert in your field. For example when you read the words; “Just Do It” you think Nike. When you see a swoosh you think Nike. Why is that? It’s because it’s what Nike wants you to think.

You can do this for your business too. When you are developing your logo (which is one of the most important components of your brand) keep it simple and easy to identify. Good examples of effective logo’s are BMW, McDonald’s and of course Nike.

If people do not remember what your logo looks like, they will not recognize it and most certainly will not remember your brand.

As a matter of fact, your brand can be your company name but do not underestimate the importance of font and color. Your logo design is so crucial to your company and your brand – I suggest creating a budget to have a consultant/designer work with you to create your logo.

Once you’ve established your brand name (i.e.: CLD Consulting) and your logo design (see above) it’s now time to establish recognition with your clients and potential clients.

There is no magic wand to gain customer recognition or loyalty. But the simplest thing to remember is: the more people who see your brand, the more likely they are to remember it. One way to make this happen is to make sure your brand appears any and everywhere – all the time.

Until the next time…Your brand is what you make it; so make it memorable!

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Author: Carrie L. Devone

Living & Learning...

13 thoughts on “What Is Branding & Why It Is Important”

  1. I never put two and two together regarding what Branding meant until reading your blog. I also enjoyed The Power of Self blog. Looking forward to your upcoming blogs.


  2. I love that Carrie. Just a little addition. Branding also means integrity, quality, and good image. These constitute goodwill that competition cannot purchase.


  3. I love the blog. It gave me some more information. Being a up and coming company, this blog helps me to direct my company to continue to be successful. Thank you.


    1. I’m glad you find the information helpful. We brand ourselves all the time, it’s not only when we are in business; it begins with the clothes we wear to the cars we drive. Branding is never ending and often times we do not realize we are doing it. The way we carry ourselves is a form of branding – it’s the image we put out for the world to see. Branding has the same affect for your business as it does for you on a personal level.


  4. Branding also conveys important information about the product or service, and creates expectations that must be me to maintain the value of the brand.


    1. Yes, you are right. When branding is done correctly, you have created a constant reminder of your product or service. When a consumer hears or sees something triggering a thought of you or your company the more relevant your brand and the more significant your branding efforts are; therefore the more value added your company has become to your audience. Which ultimately will increase your ROI.


  5. Oh, Carrie, this is a wonderful description of branding. You are so right! Having an effective logo, slogan, and brand name is important. For example, just like Kleenex and Xerox, we now refer to those brand names for the product instead of just saying tissue and copying machine or copy. It is amzaing how marketers have to learn everything about the consumer in order to figure out if the consumer will make a purchase of the product or service. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more blogs.


    1. Thank you Martina! You bring up another excellent point which is consumer behavior; transitioning a consumer who is simply exploring the idea of purchasing your product or service to actually making the purchase.

      As a marketer it is important to understand the aspects of a consumer; what moves the consumer and remedying the differences between consumer expectations and the vendor/suppliers ability to deliver what the consumer expects/wants.


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