It only takes ONE!

It only takes ONE good contact to get your company on the fast track to success.

You may be thinking, “my years of hard work and dedication will never pay off.” But let me tell you that everything you have done all of the sweat, tears and endless nights staying up late working, praying and a lot of times worrying will all pay off when that ONE comes your way.

And when that ONE opportunity comes knocking on your door you can rest assured that you are prepared because all of the fruits of your labor will culminate into one big ball of SUCCESS and ACHIEVEMENT.

Even if you are being tasked to work on a project, develop a strategic plan or do something that is completely out of your scope of expertise; your previous work experiences will kick into play and before you know it; that ONE will multiply into another opportunity and those opportunities will continue to grow making your struggles seem like a bad memory of the past.

All of your past failures (and if you are anything like me you have had your fair share…) simply prepare you for the success that is inevitable.

It’s important to remember that with each failure you experience; you are ONE step closer to reaching your dreams!

So, while you are working towards the ONE here are some tips to generate that ONE contract to help you reach your goals.

1. Pray
2. Stay focused
3. Work smarter; not harder
4. Be dedicated
5. Be true to you
7. Network (on and offline)
8. Believe in your abilities
9. Learn from your mistakes (The first time!)
10. Remember when it’s your time and meant for you; no-one and nothing can stop it from happening

Keep in mind, you are a work in progress, you are prepared and worthy of all the good things that are coming your way.

So remember to keep your nose to the grind and incorporate the above tips and be patient – your time is coming.

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he/she has overcome” ~Booker T. Washington

“Success and failure. We think of them as opposites, but they’re really not. They’re companions ~Lawrence Shane


Author: Carrie L. Devone

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5 thoughts on “It only takes ONE!”

  1. CLD Consulting, LLC Blog ~ It only takes ONE!

    Thanks for the inspiring, encouraging, words of wisdom, follow by the much needed motivation. We as entrepreneurs often relied upon our continuing success, by the measure of our mentors,family,friends and colleagues.

    The beginning stages to building a business and creating our own fortune. Could be the very message, word or blog someone reads to keep the fire burning to succeed in their journey to success. Surrounding your self with motivators, confident people who share in the same goals in creating success and abundance …….reminds me that It only takes ONE!

    Thank you,

    Lynell Ellis
    N-U-B Clothing Co.


    1. Yes, I agree. It does take many people, nuances and words of encouragement to help entreprenuers stay focused in reaching their goals. Thank you for your feedback and I’m glad you find the blog helpful!


  2. You inspire me! “It Takes One!” You are absolutely correct. One thought, One idea, One Moment can change your life.


  3. Good job, you hit the nail right on the head. According to the author of “The Millionaires Mind”, Honesty was number 1 success factors of successful entrepreneurs in USA. For those of us in Marketing, being creative and customer focused is a road to becoming a market leader. Getting focused is also very important point you made because whenever you take your eye off your goal all you see are obstacles.


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